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not be lost!

     Kathleen Shelby Boyett is an Author who preserves history in a fun and most readable way. She is a Board Member of the North Carolina Military Veterans' Hall of Fame, a museum volunteer, a supporter and honorary member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 634, a member of her local Historical Association, and of several lineage and community service organizations, including the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Ms. Boyett is the author or editor of over thirty books about American History, including both nonfiction and creative nonfiction. Her preservation of veterans' stories for future generations is one of her greatest joys.

     As a Personal Historian, Ms. Boyett specializes in writing exciting and interesting family histories for her clients and assists other clients in writing their memoirs. With her extensive knowledge of early American history, she can produce a family history for you that places your ancestors' stories in historical context, thereby producing a more enriching story that you and your children will love to read.  See how much more exciting your family history will be when you can understand how your ancestors fit into the world in which they lived. They were shaped by the events going on around them, and they passed their ideas on down to you. That is why family histories are really journeys of self-discovery for the reader. You will discover the men and women who made you what you are today, and you will be encouraged to take the best of their life examples with you as you continue to build your own life story.

It's Simple to Preserve your Personal or Family History

     The Memoir process includes several hours of personal interviews conducted at your convenience. Then the Personal Historian will compose a first draft for your approval, make any needed revisions, and submit the final draft for your approval. Then you will be presented with a finished copy of your memoir in digital or printed format. Remember:  Your memories are unique and deserve to be preserved for generations to come. Those who come after you will be glad you chose to tell your story!

     Preserving a Family History is usually a longer process for the Personal Historian than producing a Memoir. Think of yourself and the Personal Historian as collaborators. It is important to collect all the information you can before contacting a Personal Historian in order to save time and money. After that, the process is basically the same: a first draft submitted for your approval, then a final draft. Think of the inestimable value the History will have for your family and even for other researchers who will discover a connection to your family through its pages.


Payment Expectations


     Your particular needs will be discussed at the initial consultation, and should you decide to let Ms. Boyett preserve your personal or family history, you will be asked to sign a contract, assuring you of receiving service up to your expectations. The normal method of payment is for one third of the cost of your book or document to be paid up front as a retainer, at the time your Personal Memoir Agreement or Family History Agreement is signed. The final installment would be paid when you are presented with the final copy of your book or document.

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